People Analytics

Get real-time analytics to supercharge your decision making. Ensure your compensation budgets are invested in rewarding and retaining the right talent.


Review your allocations of cash and equity compensation to ensure equitable decisions are being made across gender and ethnicity


Rating Distributions

Review your rating distributions across organizations, teams, tenure and job functions

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Highest Allocations

Get real-time view into your company’s highest allocations and ensure increases are in-line with the company’s philosophy.


Base and Cash bonus Spend

View details of your company’s base and cash bonus spend by performance rating, levels, locations and teams.

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Understand how your investment into base salary has improved the compa-ratio and average base salary of your employees.

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Equity Spend

Review your company’s equity spend by level, function, location, team to ensure that top talent has been rewarded and retained.


Total Compensation View

Understand the projections of each employee’s total compensation projections over the next 4 years. Deep-dive view into your company’s total spend on compensation and how it plays out with the bottom line.

Compensation spend by Levels, Performance Ratings and Teams

Get deep insights into the spend of every component – enables you to ensure that higher performers have the highest increases and an opportunity for true financial gain. You can review to ensure that your total budget spent is in line with the company’s philosophy. Discover opportunities to save and re-allocate to drive a robust compensation strategy.

Rewarding high performance

Analytics to understand whether bonuses have been paid out consistent with the company’s performance, and in alignment with levels and individual performance ratings. Understand various views by ratings, teams, departments and diversity data. Dynamic views reflect real time changes and enable you to look at the same data from different perspectives.

Return on Investment for funds allocated

Every company wants to understand what the return on investment is for each dollar invested into employee compensation. Stello provides numerous views into what return is driven through each additional percentage of budget, and where it brings employee pay in relation to the market. You will know your pay competitiveness to the market and compete for the best talent.

We know that running a great compensation cycle needs a lot of pre-work. Reach out for Services below:


Build job grade levels and ranges: As your team grows, build a model for growth and consistency.

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Build compensation philosophy and strategy for cash and equity: Retain and reward your talent effectively.

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